Tuesday, November 09, 2004

First of Many

As any thing in this world of ours, there is always a beginning for everything.
Even the perfect circle, endless as it may seem, has to start somewhere.

Today, I mark the start of my new web experience, albeit considered a dinosaur among individuals in my field of endeavor, still i am a greenhorn as I constantly learn and evolve. As change is a constant thing, just like taxes and death (but have you heard the news that they have a new drug to make you 10 to 15 year younger...ah technology, you constantly amaze me as well as frighten me), i constantly accept change in everything around me.

Today, the 10th of november, I start my blog. This first one is just what i have in mind as of now...and this is one to start it all...

Welcome and enter in to my thoughts, feel free to thresh them out.